Bennett Steel Guitars

Ronny Bennett is well known in the steel-guitar world both as a player and maker of over fifty years experience. From his workshop near Inverness, in the Scottish Highlands, he still produces pedal steel and lap steel guitars which exhibit an incredibly high degree of engineering quality, much of the hardware being individually machined to fit the purpose.

We've been distributing his 6- and 8-string lap steel models in the United Kingdom with great success for about 15 years.

Check out these specifications - new asymmetric body shape introduced 2016:
Overall length of instrument:
8-string = 32 3/4” (830mm)
6-string = 31” (790mm)
Width at widest point:
8-string = 8 1/4” (210mm)
6-string = 7 1/4” (185mm)
Scale length (vibrating length of string): 23 5/8" (600mm)
Body thickness = 1.5” (40mm)
String Spacing:
8-string 10mm (@ bridge), 9mm (@ nut)
6-string 11mm (@ bridge), 9mm (@ nut)

Suggested tunings:
6-string A - Thickest A-C#-E-A'-C#'-E' Thinnest
8-string A6 - Thickest F#-A-C#-E-F#'-A'-C#'-E' Thinnest
Strings - we supply each Bennett lap steel strung with the following gauges (brackets show extra strings on 8-string models). If tuning is altered radically from the suggested tuning above, these gauges may have to be changed to maintain even tension.
(.46" W) Thickest
.38" W
.36" W
.30" W
(.26" W)
.22" P
.18" P
.15" P Thinnest

Six-string model RRP £475
Eight-string model RRP £525
Price includes case
High output, hand-wound pickups
Colour-coded fret position markers
UK-made, complete with warranty
Due to low production numbers of Bennett Steel Guitars, please call or email us at Stones Music for details of availability.  Thank you