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Mabuhay Ukuleles

Mabuhay means “Long Live” in the local Philippine Tagalog language. All Mabuhay ukuleles are hand-made in the Philippines of Mango wood over 100 years old.  Mabuhay ukuleles are available in Soprano, Concert and Tenor sizes. All fingerboards are cut using computer controlled machinery to ensure perfect intonation. The instruments are finished in a clear satin finish, bringing out beauty of the Mango wood.  The Mango tree lives long in Mabuhay instruments.
The Mango is the national fruit in the Philippines and Mango orchards are well cultivated and cared for as a national treasure. The Philippine mango is considered the best and sweetest in the world. Mango trees generally bear fruit over 100 years and can live up to 300 years. Once the trees no longer bear fruit their usefulness is over and they are cut and burned. Until now. Kei Yatsuzuka, the founder of Headway guitars in Japan, has other plans for these stately trees. He believes that the Mango tree can continue to bring enjoyment to people long past the 100 years of its fruit bearing lifespan. He purchases old Mango trees before they are destroyed and properly cuts, dries and seasons the wood to perfection in his Philippine guitar factory.  Judge for yourself whether the sweetness of the Philippine mango lives on in the unique sweet sound of these ukuleles.

For details of Mabuhay dealers, email stonesmusicuk@gmail.com