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The Pub Prop
 is a British-designed and manufactured stroke of genius which has been saving the lives of guitars, banjoes,
ukuleles and violins 
many years now, since its inventor, Brian Rathmill, made his first prototype out of a G-clamp and a piece of wood. The idea swiftly developed into the product we see today and has found its home in the traditional and folk music scene, where thousands of musicians worldwide trust its simple design to “look after” 
their instruments in situations where a regular floor stand would be impractical – in a crowded pub session, in a home recording studio, or anywhere else you can think of.

The Pub Prop can be fixed onto either a table or a rail due to its dual clamping system, and comes complete with adapters for use with narrow-necked instruments or violins.  

Don't worry about losing any of these additional parts - everything can be stored in the smart carrying bag.

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Mark Pugh,
11 Sep 2010, 03:16