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Ukulele to change name to "KuliKuli"

posted 1 Apr 2019, 04:44 by Mark Pugh

Kiwaya ukuleles

posted 1 Apr 2019, 04:40 by Mark Pugh

We were pleased to be appointed as Kiwaya Ukulele's first distributor for the UK last year.  We've been incredibly impressed with the high quality of the Japanese brand's instruments, including the new Student range - these are made in China under the strict supervision of Kiwaya.  Student models include the KSU-1 soprano, KSU-1L lon-neck soprano and KCU-1 concert.
2019 is Kiwaya's Centenary year and we recently took delivery of a rather special limited-edition uke - an amazing concert instrument decorated using the maki'e technique, using pure gold powder.  This was one of only ten available worldwide and was pre-sold to one of our top Kiwaya dealers and delivered by hand, involving a 280-mile round trip last week!

On the Move!

posted 16 Aug 2018, 05:39 by Mark Pugh

We moved in to our new premises in May 2018 - check our updated contact details

Pub Prop AT THE NAMM SHOW 2018

posted 11 Jan 2018, 05:30 by Mark Pugh

We're busy packing our bags ready to head Stateside for this year's NAMM Show!  We'll be taking our portable Pub with us, and a supply of Pub Prop beermats to give away to visitors.  In case you didn't know it, the Pub Prop is probably the handiest instrument support in the world and has saved the lives of 10s of 1000s of guitars, banjoes, ukuleles and violins over the years.
Pub Prop in cotton bag on a bed of Pub Prop beermats

Portable stuff

posted 4 Sep 2017, 23:52 by Mark Pugh   [ updated 5 Sep 2017, 00:00 ]

On holiday in Scotland recently, I carried a RISA UKS363MP electric ukulele and a Prototype Jumping Cow JCAMP01 portable amplifier over 4400 feet to the summit of Ben Nevis - this is what happened!

Solid top v Laminate top

posted 17 Jul 2017, 08:26 by Mark Pugh   [ updated 17 Jul 2017, 08:28 ]

We just got a few of a new model from Baton Rouge, which is identical in build to the V2 laminate ukes.  The UR31 has a solid German spruce top, so we thought it would be a good idea to run a little comparison, all else being equal.  Here it is, from our Twitter feed


posted 22 Feb 2017, 04:25 by Mark Pugh

Although we were exhibiting at this year's NAMM Show for the first time, that didn;t stop us checking out some new products from some of our suppliers.

RISA's take on iconic guitar styles for their new electric ukuleles caused a storm - lots of interest and lots of orders.  These will be hitting the UK in a few days at £459!
Magic Fluke Company introduces a tenor version of their popular Firefly banjo ukulele.  Still made 100% in the USA, the tenor model features a tunable head in one finish - maple - and retail price is just £349.  We expect our first shipment to arrive around the end of March.


posted 30 Dec 2016, 07:30 by Mark Pugh

While you may be busy getting ready to celebrate the New Year, we're busy getting ready to exhibit the Pub Prop, Stones Straps and Jumping Cow ukulele accessories for the first time at next month's NAMM Show in sunny Anaheim.  If you're there, why not come and visit us.

KEYSTRINGER “Trio" string changing tool

posted 11 Nov 2016, 00:55 by Mark Pugh   [ updated 11 Nov 2016, 04:14 ]

We're pleased to announce that we are now distributing the KeyStringer Trio combination pegwinder/bridge pin puller/keyring.
This ingenious device - featuring anodised aluminium handle, hard polycarbonate pegwinder and detachable keyring attechment - is an indispensable tool for roadies, guitar techs and, well, just about anybody who plays or works on guitars.
Contact us today for details of your nearest stockist
KeyStringer Trio rrp £5.99

Boogie Juice

posted 16 Feb 2016, 00:38 by Mark Pugh

We're pleased to announce that we'll be distributing Boogie Juice fingerboard cleaner in the UK, following an agreement reached at the NAMM Show in Anaheim last month.
Boogie Juice works just like a felt pen - depressing the tip a few times will release a small amount of the special mix of natural vegetable oils with a hint of citrus oil.  It's effective cleaner, great from getting all the gunk off your fingerboard, especially build-up along the frets.  It'll also help to condition the fingerboard, preventing it from drying out.

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